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The quick and easy service to use Star Wars characters as placeholders in your design or prototype!

How's it work? Easy!

Click anywhere inside of an image to highlight the url link then copy and paste that code into your html. If you'd like the full size image, click the "View Image" button to open in a new tab.

Custom Sizing? Yep!

Just add the pixel dimension (width only) of the size you need after the normal URL. That easy.

<img src="http://facetheforce.today/luke/400">

Randomizer? Why Not?!

Instead of using a specific tag, just use "random" as the identifier and you can still use the sizing feature. Unfortunately you will have to use a unique query variable for each random image. No workaround (including cache-control, expires, ETag, etc.), it's a browser single instance file request limitation. Try it!

<img src="http://facetheforce.today/random/400?r=1">

<img src="http://facetheforce.today/random/400?r=2">